Static Testing Equipment From Haug North America

Static Testing Equipment:

Qualitative performance check

Quantitative performance testing

For testing power packs and ionizing units

Technical data 12.7232.000 and 12.7229.000


Static Testing Equipment
Qualitative performance check
The high-voltage meter 12.7232.000 is intended for measuring voltage. It can be used for measuring and testing alternating voltages of up to 10 kV on HAUG power packs.

The meter is equipped with an additional high voltage connecting unit for connection of a ionizing bar. This means that the power pack and ionizing unit can be tested and their voltage measured during operation.
Static Testing Equipment

Quantitative performance testing
The high-voltage test unit Multicheck 12.7229.000 is a performance testing unit for HAUG power packs (alternating voltage) and for HAUG ionization units. We recommend this test unit to all users of HAUG ionization systems as standard equipment.
For testing power packs,
the red measuring probe is inserted into the high-voltage socket as far as it will go. After pressing the red push button the LED will illuminate green if the unit functions correctly. In case of malfunction, the LED will illuminate in red or no display at all is visible.
Static Testing Equipment

For testing ionizing units
the test unit is moved vertically towards the ionizing tips. The LED will flash red; when the probe makes contact, the LED will illuminate in green if the ionizing unit functions correctly.
Static Testing Equipment

Technical data (12.7232.000):

Measuring range:   0 - 10 kV ~
Frequency:   50 - 60 Hz
Measuring current   max. 50 µA
Measuring circuit voltage input:   via HV screw plug and cable
Parallel output:   viaHV screw plug and cable

Technical data (12.7229.000):

Housing dimensions:   155 x 42 x 22 mm
Current supply:   9 Volt monobloc battery
Current consumption:   30 mA for LED operation